foosball  (ˈfuːsˌbɔːl) — n

( US ), ( Canadian ) Also called (esp in Britain): table football  a game, often played in bars, in which opponents on either side of a purpose-built table attempt to strike a ball into the other side’s goal by moving horizontal bars to which miniatures of footballers are attached


Q. What is Foosball?

A. It depends on who you’re asking. Someone who has never played organized Foosball may reply with the answer from the dictionary, above, and they wouldn’t be wrong but if you ask those of the niche global table soccer community they might riposte a slight more colourfully.

  They might explain that there is a professional Foosball tour in North America and an annual, televised, World Cup of Foosball held in Nantes, France. They might speak of the iconic players and matches that have shaped the game, and even of the Hall of Fame. They would certainly tell you about how the game has evolved into much more than just spinning rods on a “purpose-built table” and they would likely finish making their case by letting you know that the game that started in bars has become a recognized sport in several countries around the world.

  If you’re interested in learning how the rules within organized Foosball differ from what you might see at a bar or in your friends basement, or if you’re just looking to learn more about the sport and where you might find someone to play against feel free to poke around right here.  

  If rooting for the home team is more your speed, Canada ranks amongst the top sixteen Foosball nations in the world and gets set to return to division one play in 2013 thanks to a gold medal finish in division two for 2012. To find out more about the team, or how to join please click here.