Calgary – Downtown
Juliet’s Castle – (Two Tornado T-3000)
Draw Your Partner event every Thursday.
440 16 Avenue Northeast
Calgary, AB T2E-8K9

Edmonton – North
Duke’s Bar and Grill – (Two Tornado T-3000)
Plays every second Thursday. See the Events Calendar page for detailed information.
Edmonton, AB T6V-1E8

Edmonton – South
Time Out Pub – (Three Tornado T-3000)
Plays different events every Tuesday and monthly regional events on Saturdays.
Edmonton, AB T6E-0M3

Edmonton – University Campus
Champs Bar – (One Tornado T-3000)
Plays pickup games every Saturday. Great amateur crowd!
Edmonton, AB T6G-0Y3

Edmonton – West
The Beer Hunter – (One Tornado T-3000)
Check in on the Forums to find out when pickup games are played here.
Edmonton, AB T5T-2Y5